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s trap◆ped in the wreckage. CCTV Photo Thirteen people were on board the ◆Black Hawk helicopter when the incident happened. The cause of the ◆crash-landing remains unkf

nown. Taiwan political leader Tsai Ing-wen◆, who is seeking re-election, promised to prioritize rescue operati◆ons and investigations into the incident and cancelled all campaign◆ activities until Saturday, her campaign office said in a statement◆.BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Defense Minister and State Councilor Chang Wanquan on 〓Wednesday held talks with visiting Cuban Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Leopold〓o Cintra Frias. Chang said China is willing to work with Cuba to impls

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ement important conse〓nsus reached by leaders of the two countries and make positive contributions to the develop〓ment of military-to-military relations. AsT



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an important part of China-Cuba ties, military-〓to-military relations are characterized by a solid foundation, strong vitality and broad de〓velopment prospects, ChaG



ng said. Cintra said Cuba is willing to continue enhancing pragmat〓ic exchanges and cooperation with ChinaR

in all fields and at all levels, and elevate milita〓ry-to-military relations to a higher level. Cuba is grateful to China for its support and 〓help overm


the years, according to Cintra. BEIJING, Jan. 13 -- PresideP

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nt Xi Jinping on Monday extended his Spring Festival greetings ◆to military veterans and retired officers. Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general se◆cretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Mil◆itary Commission (CMC), extends his Spring Festival greetings to military veteB

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